The most efficient conversion available

Power Generation catalytic converters and catalyst coatings


Get precision-coated solutions in almost any shape or size:

  • Up To 48″ Diameter
  • Up To 36″ Square
  • Ovals, Octagons, Trapezoids
  • Even Custom Shapes


Our engineers and scientists have experience developing catalysts for both diesel and gasoline applications:

Solutions For Gas-Powered Applications

  • TWC (NSCR)
  • Particulate Filters

Solutions For Diesel-Powered Applications

  • DOCs precision coated in all sizes and shapes up to 48” diameter and 36”
  • Both Metallic and Ceramic coated DPFs
  • Both Metallic and Ceramic substrates are coated with Synergy’s Fe Zeolite, Cu Zeolite, Va or Ti based SCR formulations
  • HC and NOx Reductant Mixers


We utilize OEM quality raw materials in order to achieve an aftermarket product that keeps the MIL light off and exceeds all government regulations for replacement catalysts regarding CO, HC and NOx conversion as well as OBD-II requirements.

About Synergy Catalyst

We specialize in manufacturing emission catalysts custom-tailored to your specific needs. Whether your final solution is to be applied to a single monolith or to a large set of substrates coatings, these custom catalytic solutions and our proprietary catalyst coating technology are individually tailored to take advantage of the latest technology in raw materials.